Second Latin American Dramatherapia Congress

MENDOZA, ARGENTINA - October 2, 3 and 4, 2020 Click here to sign up. The application of Dramatherapy is growing in Latin America, incorporating more and more its implementation in contexts related to health, theater and education. In the last two years, Dramatherapy has officially entered the Chilean Ministry of Health, being accessed as complementary therapy for patients and users of the general health network in the country. In Mendoza, the Argentine Drama Therapy Association (DAR) is opened, and the 2nd cycle of the Diploma in Drama Therapy at the National University of Cuyo begins. The 2nd Latin American Drama Therapy Congress was born from the desire to give continuity and follow-up to

EU: For the first time, WHO studies the link between arts and health

Engaging with the arts can be beneficial for both mental and physical health - a statement from WHO/Europe Livestream of the launch on report of arts and health The World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Europe has concluded that engaging with the arts can arts can improve health – both mental and physical – making policy considerations for countries to include the arts in healthcare programmes. The WHO analysed evidence from over 900 global publications – the most comprehensive review of evidence on arts and health to date. Source: http

TAIWAN: High school dropout offers students the chance to use theatre for drama therapy

Of the approximately 100 theatre groups in Taiwan, no more than 10 are able to achieve the stable revenues indicative of a large organization. The vast majority of these groups simply exist on ideals and passion. The Teenager Performing Arts League is one such group. Founded by high school dropout Yu Hao-Wei, the group thrives, despite not employing any actors. Its most important activities are a six-month drama education event and an oft-neglected "drama therapy" activity. The Teenager Performing Arts League provides a stage for young people interested in drama. It allows us to direct and perform our own plays. There are few restrictions as it’s meant to inspire creativity and imagination.

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