UK: "Young Persons' Dramatherapy Group" Win The Guardian Jobs Award for Innovation in

Just in time for the first International Dramatherapy Week, it was announced in the UK that the "Young Persons' Dramatherapy Group" had won The Guardian Jobs Award for Innovation in Mental Health Services. Dramatherapists Clare Hubbard and Marina Morgan received the award for leading the group, which supports young adults that experience social anxiety as part of their mental health challenges. The effect of the group of the participants included improved self-concept and reduced suicidality.

UK: Entry about the Profession of Dramatherapy Wins NHS Schools Competition

Students Margaux Barker and Molly Hilton from All Saints RC School in Yorkshire and Humber in the UK have won the "Step Into NHS" national contest, presenting an entry about a career as a dramatherapist. The competition was open to 12 – 14 year olds. and aimed to get students thinking creatively about health service careers and their future work prospects. Working individually or in groups of up to 4 students, they have to select one of the 350 careers in health and work to produce a job advertisement and a job description of the ideal candidate. The national winning entry focused on the role of a Drama Therapist in the NHS. The judges were really impressed with the amount of effort that the

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