USA: Drama therapy goes online

From the original article, What do you do when your job requires personal contact? These Oaklanders got creative, Kholoud Nasser, drama therapist and associate marriage and family therapist, shares how she transitioned her in-person practice to online therapy. Click here to read more about the alternatives she has come up with in adjusting and adapting to this new reality.

A Career Option for the Theatre Major: Drama Therapy

"As my son George graduates this spring from the University of Tampa as a musical theatre major, he dreams about earning a living performing on stage. But statistics show a very small percentage of actors will actually be able to accomplish this. My uncle’s motto in life was “Always have a Plan B, so theatre majors that enjoy working with people might want to consider a career in drama therapy. Therapists have long been using art, music, and even dance to treat their clients, and now drama techniques are also being recognized as a great way to help people from all walks of life." To read more about a career in drama therapy, click here.

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