Second Latin American Dramatherapia Congress

MENDOZA, ARGENTINA - October 2, 3 and 4, 2020

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The application of Dramatherapy is growing in Latin America, incorporating more and more its implementation in contexts related to health, theater and education. In the last two years, Dramatherapy has officially entered the Chilean Ministry of Health, being accessed as complementary therapy for patients and users of the general health network in the country. In Mendoza, the Argentine Drama Therapy Association (DAR) is opened, and the 2nd cycle of the Diploma in Drama Therapy at the National University of Cuyo begins.

The 2nd Latin American Drama Therapy Congress was born from the desire to give continuity and follow-up to the successful Latin American Meeting held successfully in 2018 in Temuco, Chile, in an effort to strengthen Dramatherapy in Latin America and strengthen ties between the different areas in which it is practiced - including mental health (particularly neuroscience), theater and education.

The event has the endorsement of the National University of Cuyo where the first Diploma in Drama Therapy in Argentina is currently being taught. It will be a pleasure to be able to receive them at the foot of the Andes in a Congress that aims to promote knowledge of Dramatherapy in Latin America.

On that occasion there will be an already confirmed presence of experts in different areas such as Dr. Susana Pendzik, Graciela Schuchnner, Dr. Ester Trozzo and Professor Domingo Ferrandis. The psychiatrist María Sol Guerrero, president of the Argentine Drama Therapy Association, is working within the organization, Dr. Pedro Torres de Edras Chile, as well as Jessica Bleuer and Susana Pendzik herself, within the Academic Committee.

Our halls of the University Building of the province of Mendoza are looking forward to the presentations of your work in different formats: Workshop, Workshops, Classes, presentation of works, presentation of books. Although we have 280 days ahead, it is in the interest of the organizers to have the best jobs, so we invite you to register, compromising your intention to participate in order to reserve spaces. The final dates of presentation of the works are below. We invite you to be able to make your work visible in the appropriate field, while networking with our world classmates.


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