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USA: How creative arts therapies can improve physical and emotional well-being

"Creative arts therapies use active art-making and the creative process as a form of therapy. This is a licensed mental health field that utilizes various artistic practices, such as music, dance, movement, drama, art and poetry to assist in achieving mental and physical health goals.

According to the Manager of Arts Therapies and Well-Being at CHI Memorial hospital, Chyela Rowe, creative arts therapies are a real benefit and asset to the community."


"Other creative arts therapies, such as drama therapy, can be used to help and support others. "The process in embodying, storytelling and acting can help people who might need to have some support," Rowe says.

She highlights some of the benefits of arts therapies as "being able to regulate emotions or maybe tap into conscious thoughts around experiences or feelings, being able to create some language or deeper understanding or even connecting with other people around an idea that is stigmatized.

People often come in to a session with the assumption that they can't talk about their feelings, due to some sort of stigma or shame aro

Staff photo by Matt Hamilton / Dr. Chyela Rowe, Manager of Arts Therapies and Well-Being at CHI Memorial Hospital (retreived from Chattanooga Times Free Press)

und feeling those emotions. But when they get together in a group and start enacting or embodying different kinds of things, they realize that others share the same emotions."

Read the full interview with Dr. Chyela Rowe in the article by Jana Pursley for Chattanooga Times Free Press.


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