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SOUTH AFRICA: Empowering offenders through the power of theatre

The Klerksdorp Correctional Centre workshop / Photo credits: Klerksdorp Record.

"The Klerksdorp Correctional Centre hosted artists from the South African Theatre Practitioners in Advancement on Wednesday June 5. ”It is heartening to see initiatives like this one to be conducted at our facility, aimed at healing and empowering offenders through theatre arts,” said Vivian Nelson, area coordinator of development and care, in his opening remarks.  

He further indicated that the department commend the stakeholders who play a vital role in rehabilitating and reintegrating offenders back to society.

According to the Project Manager Tsholofelo Ross, the workshop’s focus was on catharsis drama therapy, coupled with involvement of skilled performers like Mama Linda Sebeso, Mpho Molepo and Baba Nobamba Zulu. 

Mama Linda demonstrated a holistic approach to addressing social issues and fostering personal growth, while Baba Zulu emphasised self-discovery, talent, development and forming social support structures, highlighting the importance of addressing underlying factors contributing to criminal behavior. 

Offender Kagiso Baliso expressed a message of gratitude on behalf of offenders, for the opportunity to learn and grow. 

“We have been inspired to be part and engage in this workshop. This collaborative effort between the department and external organizations reflects a commitment to holistic rehabilitation and the belief in the potential for positive change in every individual,” concluded Nelson."

The original article was published on June 18, 2024, in Klerksdorp Record.


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