NIGERIA: Artist Urges FG To Harness Potential In Arts Industry

Segun Adefila, Artistic Director, Crown Troupe of Africa said that art and culture could be more viable than any other sector in the country, if well promoted and harnessed by the government.

Adefila said this in an interview during the Crown Troupe of Africa’s performance titled, “Dis Loyal Judas”, an Opera held at the National Arts Theater in Lagos, to mark the Easter celebrations.

"The entire dialogue was in songs. This was the first of its kind for the Crown Troupe of Africa,” said Mrs. Awele Dekpe, the stage manager of the production.

In the interview, Adefila says, "Now that the elections are coming, theatre artists should be engaged by politicians positively so that they can spread their message through performances from the theater. Something like using dance, music and drama to explain to the masses what a politician wants to contribute to the society if elected."

“What we do is theatre therapy, such that theatre is applied as a means of curbing excesses in the society and the energy you will use for crimes would be channeled into something more productive,” he said.

Read the full interview and article published in Within Nigeria

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