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CANADA: Concordia professor Bonnie Harnden's short film You Arrive wins multiple international award

Picture Credits: From Concordia University's News Stories by Alexander Hackett

"After 10 years of clinical and research work at the Montreal Children's Hospital, psychoanalyst and art/drama therapist Bonnie Harnden wrote a play about her time working with children and teenagers who had experienced family trauma and use it as a therapeutic learning tool.

Encouraged by the positive response to the play, Harnden decided to go a step further. She teamed up with award-winning filmmaker and fellow Concordia drama therapy graduate Mark Krupa, BA 92 (psychology), MA 12 (creative arts therapy), to make a film version.

The film has since gone on to win awards at four different international festivals: best educational film at the Cannes World Film Festival for shorts and documentaries, best educational film at the Berlin Shorts awards, best documentary film at the Reale Film Festival and best portrayal of a therapist at the Believe Psychology Film Festival."

Read the full interview with Bonnie Harnden here in an article by Alexander Hackett for Concordia University's New Stories.


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