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SWITZERLAND: Dramatherapie podcast

Dramatherapie podcast host Christine Tusch. Photo credit: Hautnah Media

Our Swiss colleagues Christine Tusch and Dramatherapie Institut Schweiz launched a podcast about drama therapy!

The host leads "conversation with people who practice, teach, apply, shape, and make drama therapy what it is [...] The Dramatherapy Podcast provides insights into the training as a drama therapist, explains the methods, and informs about the possibilities of this form of therapy."

For those of you who speak German, the first episode guest is Brigitte Spörri, who more than 20 years ago started the first drama therapy courses in Switzerland and later founded the Dramatherapy training institute. Together they discuss drama therapy training, possible uses, and areas of application.

The second episode guest is Susana Pendzik, PhD, RDT, Associate Professor and Former Head of the Drama Therapy Graduate Program at Tel Hai Academic College (Israel) who teaches drama therapy around the world. Susana was also a former representative of Israel at the European Federation of Dramatherapy and at the World Alliance for Dramatherapy. In this episode, Susana also mentions the World Alliance for Dramatherapy a place that connects drama therapists and allows them to support each other, share their knowledge and experiences.

We are happy to see this initiative that raises awareness of drama therapy and are looking forward to the new episodes!

To learn more about the podcast, read the full article on Spreaker.


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