INDIA: Patients in India Are Healing Through Art Therapy

(New Delhi) More and more health practitioners in India now turning towards art therapy to treat certain terminally-ill patients and those suffering from various stress and neuro-cognitive disorder. Especially in the times of the pandemic, it is important to ask:

How far is art therapy different from conventional medications and ayurveda treatment?

"The major difference lies in the principles of creative process, individual expression, evidence and building of coping skills that inform the practice of art therapy," said Tanushree Sangma, an art-based therapist at Fortis Healthcare.

At Fortis, expressive arts-based therapy is practiced in both in-patient departments (IPD) and out-patient departments (OPD). In IPD, painting, drawing, clay work and play are done with the goal of enhancing well-being, while in OPD the therapy is intervened in a collaborative way with patients diagnosed with mental disorders reaching out to address mental health concerns due to personal challenges at a self, occupational and interpersonal level.

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