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Australia : How puppetry is being used to enhance wellbeing in aged care residents

Puppets are being used to entertain and enhance cognitive function in a Hobart aged care home. Picture credits: Peter Mathew for Terrapin Puppet Theatre)

"The pandemic highlighted the balancing act between clinical care and quality of life for Australians living in aged care. Drama therapist Dannielle Jackson has been exploring how puppetry could be used to enhance wellbeing in people in aged care, including those with dementia, for the past two years. She says "There's so much opportunity there for the arts to play a role in social engagement and expression, in just being present and [for] meaningful interaction."

Jackson works with Terrapin Puppet Theatre, a Hobart-based company that's created a new program titled Forever Young, for audiences in aged care homes. Terrapin worked with residents at the Uniting AgeWell Lillian Martin home to design a program that would provide entertainment, create social connection and enhance cognitive function among older people. "

Read more about Jackson's work that delves deep into residents' memories with puppets in this article by Ellen Coulter for ABC News


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