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USA: The Role of Theatre and Drama Therapy during the Pandemic. Dr Nisha Sajnani, New York Universit

Dr. Nisha Sajnani, Director of the NYU Program in Drama Therapy, gave a talk on the role of theatre-makers and drama therapists in this pandemic as part of a summit coordinated between the NYU Creative Arts Therapies Consortium, the Research Centre for Arts & Wellbeing at Edge Hill University, and Christopher Bailey, Arts and Health Lead from the World Health Organization.

Theaters have streamed MainStage productions, commissioned new plays designed for online interaction and new audiences, engaged in health promotion, and taken direct action concerning obvious inequalities.

Drama therapists have met people in the intimacy of their own homes to support children and adults in reducing anxiety, managing uncertainty, and rediscovering a sense of playful curiosity. They have offered dramatic pathways to deepen social connection and engaged in meaning-making rituals with front-line health care providers. They feed our imaginations just when we need it most.

Watch the video here.

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