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Sri Lanka: Ministry of Health recognizes dramatherapy as a valuable intervention, by organizing a se

For the first time in Sri Lanka, the Directorate of Mental Health - Ministry of Health came forward to recognize dramatherapy as a valuable psychotherapeutic intervention, by organizing a seven day workshop (July 9th to 15th), for the Ministry staff. The theme of the workshop was "Dramatherapy to ensure psychological and emotional well-being of the general public".

Playing with masks as therapy, Sri Lanka

This is a very progressive step taken, to show that humanistic approaches, especially creative arts therapies, can contribute towards the betterment of mental health in the Sri Lankan population.

The participants in the workshop experienced the novelty of the model, and its strengths to support people.

The participants, 60 in number, were psychiatrists, psychiatric social workers, nurses, and other hospital staff. The aim of the workshop was to study how the patients and their relatives will perceive and understand dramatherapy. Also, there will be monthly reviews carried out, until December 2018, to assess how the trainers implement dramatherapy in their hospitals and the limitations they face.

Movement exercise in dramatherapy workshop, Sri Lanka

It is expected to continue this training in 2019, and thereafter to introduce a certificate or a diploma program, to validate dramatherapy as an accepted practice in the mental health sector in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Ravindra Ranasinha conducted this complete training.

Performing as psychotherapy, Sri Lanka

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