USA: Opinion: Investing in Arts Education Can Help Students Heal

A student-created work at Bronx Community Charter School

"I hope the City Council and Adams Administration prioritize students and their mental health by guaranteeing adequate funding per student for arts. When children are given the opportunity to process through the arts they are better able to regulate their emotions and ultimately their behaviors, and are more likely to be able to take in lessons in the classroom. And while there is much quantitative data on how the arts support students, learning the qualitative data is just as important.

In my classes, the moment of eye contact, the shift in body language and the smiling eyes—even behind a mask—show just how much better mental health can start with the arts." writes Heidi Landis a licensed Creative Arts Therapist and Registered Drama Therapist in New York City..

Read her entire opinion piece on CityLimits here

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