USA: Netflix film ‘Procession,’where men recreate abuse they suffered in Catholic Church

(MISSOURI) - Robert Greene, an award-winning Missouri filmmaker met with the Kansas City attorney, Rebecca Randles, about an idea he had for a documentary.

In a 2018 news conference, Randles spoke along with four men who said they had been sexually abused in their childhood by priests.

“Robert called me and he said, ‘I have been watching this video and I’m thinking, wow, this is amazing. I want to do something about that,’” Randles told The Kansas City Star. “He explained that he had been interested in psychodrama, and he wanted to see if he could meld psychodrama with this film project.”

The film is heavily influenced by Drama Therapy, as Greene said the idea of having people stage their own scenes in the documentary was something he’d been working toward for a long time.

“Procession” is the seventh feature documentary for Greene, who is Filmmaker-in-Chief for the Murray Center for Documentary Journalism at the University of Missouri.

The film comes to Netflix on November 19.

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