Australia: Dramatherapist Rénald Navilly receives Award for Excellence and Innovation from the Austr

Dr. Sarah Miller, Director of Allied Health, MHJHADS, giving the 2017 Award to Rénald Navilly

Dramatherapist Rénald Navilly received the 2017 Award for Excellence and Innovation at Mental Health Justice Health Alcohol and Drug Services Australian Capital Territory (MHJHADS) with the following citation:

"Rénald Navilly has been instrumental in the development of the Ethics and Standards of Practice for Creative Arts Therapists, with a vision to ensure the highest standards of care in the provision of responsible, professional, and safe creative arts therapy services in MHJHADS.

The document clarifies the role of creative arts therapists working in MHJHADS and their role in recovery, ensuring a common understanding for the multidisciplinary team and managers. In highlighting the role of creative arts therapy in recovery, the document supports the growth of the creative arts therapy workforce by the acceptance, use of, and normalisation of the presence of creative arts therapy across MHJHADS.

In doing so, it is anticipated that holistic and recovery focused care will be strengthened across MHJHADS. This is an innovation in the discipline and allied health space for ACT Health."

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