Iran: The first national Scientific Seminar of Drama Therapy was held in Mashhad

The first Scientific Seminar of Drama Therapy Iran was held in Mashhad on March 10th. The conference included paper presentations, lectures and workshops. Among the topics discussed in the conference are trauma work with children, the empty chair technique, treating depression in deaf students, and emotional work with physically disabled couples. The conference secretary was Dr. Majid Amraei and the academic committee included also Dr. Leila Brun and Dr. Marjan Kashani.

Australia: Dramatherapist Rénald Navilly receives Award for Excellence and Innovation from the Austr

Dr. Sarah Miller, Director of Allied Health, MHJHADS, giving the 2017 Award to Rénald Navilly Dramatherapist Rénald Navilly received the 2017 Award for Excellence and Innovation at Mental Health Justice Health Alcohol and Drug Services Australian Capital Territory (MHJHADS) with the following citation: "Rénald Navilly has been instrumental in the development of the Ethics and Standards of Practice for Creative Arts Therapists, with a vision to ensure the highest standards of care in the provision of responsible, professional, and safe creative arts therapy services in MHJHADS. The document clarifies the role of creative arts therapists working in MHJHADS and their role in recovery, ensuring

Sri Lanka: Dr. Ravindra Ranasinha chronicles the history of modern dramatherapy on the island

In the picture: Dr. Ranasinha facilitating a group. [Originally published in the February 2018 issue of Prompt, a newsletter by BADth] It was in 2013 that ‘Dramatherapy in Sri Lanka’ was launched. It contained data from my practice during the period 2002–2010. I worked with war affected children who had post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), people affected by Tsunami, people with personality issues, people with developmental issues, children with anxiety issues and conduct issues, etc. This document inspired many psychotherapists and counsellors to study dramather- apy. I received the first invitation from the King’s College London Resource Centre for trauma, displacement, and mental

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